Saturday, October 3, 2015

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

I know, that I am late on this sneak peek… this was one can-razy week!!
Sorry, Erin!
But now, before I race out the door again (never mind that my hair is hanging in my face… I will squeeze in an emergency hair repair somehow!!) I MUST do this sneak peek!
 This particular shoot was a birthday gift for Nate's mom, Sandi! 
 So we did every combination we could think of, but I really love this one of Sandi walking with her grandkids. 

 And these precious photos of her with Abigail and Carter. I truly believe there is nothing sweeter you can do for your kids and grandkids than to take photos with them.  Memories, they can hang onto forever. 
 And here's Sandi with her hubby, Paul! Man, I love those trees, when I was growing up our neighbors used to have them, and they were soooo beautiful in the fall, bright orange and red. 

 Now this is Erin and Nate, we have done pictures together a handful of times. 
(Don'tcha just love her hair???)

 Okay, I must be off!!

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