Monday, July 24, 2017

A Mountain Reception

So here's something a little different than my norm.   Saturday night Rod and I headed for Morrison to lurk in the background and take some photos of this super beautiful reception for Allycia & Derik.
Allycia & Derik were married a few weeks ago in a courthouse wedding, this amazing event was an opportunity for all those that love them to come and celebrate their marriage. 

 There were tons of fun things to do!  Board games, frisbee, that bean bag game (the name escapes me) and legos on every table!

And every great party needs some great food and WOW! was this food fantastic! I believe the caterers name was HolySmokers.  Check 'em out, it was seriously good.

 Jenga any one???

 Some pretty talented Lego-ers!

 The happy couple!!  
 Such a beautiful night, Derik & Allycia should feel very loved.

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