Monday, July 17, 2017

Newborn Photographer in Parker, CO

Oh my goodness, what an incredibly productive day.  I have decided to declutter and reorganize the entire house!  Today?  The laundry room! Let's just be happy I didn't take pictures, but it looks so amazing, I didn't just clean and organize but I decorated!  I hit the basement and came up with enough stuff to make it look real, real nice!
Okay, now... for the real reason you're here!
A little sneak peek at my shoot with Fiona. 
 Isn't she darling!!
It was fun to be outdoors for this family/newborn shoot.
 And we ended up having an incredible night with beautiful sunshine. 
And while she had moments of wanting to just be at home, overall she did amazing and showed off all her cuteness. 

On a side note, doesn't Christine look like Rachel Griffiths' twin sister??? (Ya know, from Brothers & Sisters?  Hey, is that on Neflix? I could watch that show again.)
 My Fave of the Day goes to...
the photo below!!!!  I love everything about it!
I am so glad that I was able to sneak this shoot in!
I enjoyed every minute of it! Thank you!!

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