Saturday, July 15, 2017

High School Senior Photography in Castle Rock, CO

Before the rain hit, Taylor and I knocked out his senior pictures.
 Taylor is a 2018 Senior at Highlands Ranch High School, and no, he does not know Hunter, because it turns out Hunter actually goes to Ponderosa, my bad!
 For the record, he does smile but I just LOVED his serious face! So... since this is a peek at my favorites it's all serious faces!
 Can I just say that the senior guys I went to school with did not look like this! 
He looks like he could lift my car!

 His mom and I liked this shirt the best! I realize that is never here nor there, just a side note.

 With wind howling we finished off our shoot with a nod to his lacrosse and football skills.
Now remember, Taylor, we are leaving it up to you to bring back the letter jacket wearing!!
Generations of high school athletes are depending on  you!!

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