Thursday, July 13, 2017

Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

Say "Hello!" to Hunter, a 2018 senior at Ponderosa High School.
 Hunter is not sure what he wants to do, career-wise.  I made a couple of suggestions but he didn't seem too interested. 
 It was at this point, that he clarified he wanted to do something with computers. 
 Program or throw in some sort of high-tech Scottish weekend games, I can't be sure. 
 But computers are always a good choice!

 Being a big fan of automobiles I was very excited to take pictures of Hunter with his very cool car!
 The only thing better would have been if we could have pulled my car along side of his for a few shots. But I managed to exercise some self control and keep my ideas to myself. 
 Hunter it was pleasure!  Great Guy! Great Car!
Great shoot!

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