Saturday, July 8, 2017

Family Photographer in Parker, CO

I may have gotten a little bit carried away with this sneak peek.  I tried really hard to narrow it down but I just couldn't cut any more images, so... it is what it is!
This is Andrew, Gretchen, Scarlett and Wynnie
Not only is this a beautiful family with beautiful girls but it was a beautiful night!
Not too hot with just a touch of sunshine!  
My favorite way to shoot (except for snow!  That is my absolute favorite!)
Funny side note, Andrew reminded me so much of my Jr High youth pastor, his name is Kab and back in the 7th grade we all thought he looked just like Magnum PI! 
(Google it... it's a private detective shot show from the late 70's)

 I really love this big hug from Scarlett, and the big smile on her mama's face, this is what I love about photography...  capturing emotions that will bring back so many memories in the years to come. 
Scarlett was having the best time playing in the sand... LOVE!

 Ah... Snuggles, I miss those snuggles with my little girls. 
 I think I might just try it today and just see what happens!  

What a sweet and happy child little Wynnie is!
 The photo below wins my "Fave of the Day!"
 And this would be a close runner up!!
 Thanks, guys it was a pleasure!!!

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