Monday, January 9, 2012

Baby Photographer in Lone Tree, CO

And so the week begins.  Perhaps a little more tired than some, but a little lighter than others.  It seems every week as a journey of it's own.  On Saturday I met up with Keeley, one of my favorite little girls!  This was the last of her milestone photo shoots, big giant boo boo face!!  I am afraid I have gotten used to seeing this sweet little one every 3 months and I am not looking forward to CHANGE. 

 We had a pretty fun time playin' in the park and she was quite a fan of "The Blue Chair" (yep, I'm writing it in quotes now, that will help to solidify it's identity, and yes, I am giving the blue chair an identify.  Oh come on it will be fun!  I wear flip flop and I have "The Blue Chair"!
 Oh that face!  
Those puckered lips, I am officially on cuteness overload!  Oh come on you're tempted aren't ya? 
 You just want to pinch that computer screen!!

 After we were done playing, or maybe it was more after we were frozen... we made our way to the lobby of a near by office building to enjoy a little cake! (Note to self... carry a dust buster in the car!! and our sincerest apologies to the custodial staff...)
 "Oops, I dropped some!! don't worry, I'll get it!"
Happy Birthday, Keeley!!!  I hope to see you again real soon!!!

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