Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sweet 16!!

Last night the girls and I were out partying!!  Mid January means "Abby's Birthday" and this year was her Sweet 16!!  Her family planned a fun event to celebrate.  The theme was a Masquerade!  First there was a sit down dinner for family and close friends, followed by a dance with all of Abby's friends. 
The highlight of the evening was Abby's new car!!  I gift from her Grandma, Great Grandparents and Uncle.  She was very excited and completely surprised!!
 Ofcourse, Ann did a fabulous job on the decor... it was absolutely beautiful!
 This is Abby with the Car Givers!!

 Yep, those are my cherubs, they had a great time dancing and hanging out with the teenagers!!
I got to be honest it took a while to get these teens to actually dance, but eventually they got with the program.  
 Two of Abby's cousins, Harmony and Lilly
Oh Melia...  you make my little heart melt. 
(now you may be saying, where is Sabrina... running at speeds to great to catch on film!!!)
 Ryan and Faith's family win my award for  best dressed family of the night, they were all sportin' their best duds and fabulous masks!!
And one last picture of my girls with their "party" on!!
Happy Birthday Abby!!

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Ann said...

How blessed and lucky am I that you are my best friend! Thank you so much for everything! Abby's makeup looked awesome and then you did mine and Mel's too! love it! And on top of all that you captured the night that I would not have had time or the mind to do and you captured sooooo AWESOME. You know I love ya and you give me more and more reasons all the time! ~ BFF