Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Newborn Photography in Castle Rock, CO

Well... the holidays are over, the Christmas decorations are all put away and it's back to the usual grind.  I figured we would ease into 2012.  We were back to just the 5 of us, the fall craziness was behind us and things were going to be... quieter, simpler and definitely slower.
I was wrong, as many of you know our new year started with a heart wrenching good-bye, as our precious Caitlyn moved from the loving arms of her mommy to the loving arms of her Savior.  Emotions ran high for all of us.  The following morning on our way out the door we received an email from a high school friend, one of my very best friends.  Her son's girlfriend is suffering from cystic fibrosis, and with 25% lung capacity she is in need of a lung transplant... sooner rather than later.
My friend was asking us to pray... Tamara's mom and sister were going to donate but they needed 5 back up donors for insurance purposes.  The only requires =  Type 0 and taller than 5'8, as Rod thought about Caitlyn and how we wished there would have been an option for Caitlyn, he was compelled to volunteer. Her mom and sister would donate and Rod's simple yes would give her the last piece that she would need to get things moving why wouldn't he do it. 
 The next night I had the opportunity to converse with Tamara directly, we had misunderstood and now Rod faced the real possibility that he would be 1 of 2 from the 5 donors that would be selected for the transplant surgery.  Tamara's mom and sister would be considered along side Rod and the 2 others but the best 2 would be selected.  Rod remained calm.  Cija did not.  I was quite literally overwhelmed with fear that started with the simple stuff...
- Rod just started a new job, no vacation time
- no medical insurance
- etc.
and then it progressed to the more complicated stuff
- the toll on our finances
- potential job loss
- the health risks to Rod
Rod and I prayed, wait Rod prayed...  I cried and long for a rewind button.
The next day, I managed to pray.  I talked to Tamara, I wanted her to know our hearts.  This was much bigger that we had originally thought, we needed more information and time to really
 wait on God for his direction.   In my mind I was swinging back and forth, does God want us to be like Moses, to move forward and participate in something that seemed scary, crazy and impossible with out Him or were to be like David, who long to build the Temple for God but was asked to step aside and let someone else do it.  The idea of helping this young girl pulled at our hearts we wanted to help but we had jumped into something uninformed and with out asking God what He wanted.   So we would educate ourselves and we would earnestly seek His direction.  Whatever He wanted we would do.
I am always blown away by how God equips his people to face the struggles of this world. 
 Tamara said things to me like:

"God is my rock so there is no need to worry! "
"God is holding me in His mighty hand and I know that with you guys or not, I will be getting my lungs. I completely have my faith in God! "
"God is good and He always provides."

"I finally said God take it, it's up to you and only you!"

 Tamara texted me yesterday afternoon and said that another donor came forward, she had the 5 that she needed, she would ask for nothing more than our prayers on her behalf.
I won't lie, I was deeply relieved.  As I sat in the school parking lot, I prayed and thanked God for providing another donor and for clearly letting us know what our role was to be.  
This has been a very emotional couple of days, but I am grateful for having gone through it, I have learned more about the love of God and I have been blessed to have met such an extraordinary young woman with such great faith. 
I read this morning that Christ never allows the hearts of His Children to be hurt without excellent reasons and eternal purposes.  Tamara is facing a giant but God is standing right beside her, and praise God...
 she knows it.  
Over the years, so many of you have been faithful to pray with me, first for Ellie, then for Joshua, for Mike and for Melanie... will you join me now in praying for Tamara and the 5 donors that will embark on this journey with her?  May all praise and glory be to God for what he will do.
 Now to the this sweet little boy who's pictures made this blog entry so CUTE!!  This is Owen and he is 3 weeks old.  Oh my goodness, such a pretty baby!!!  Don't you just love the lips!  Just the sweetest little thing EVER!  Owen was joined by his mommy and daddy, his big brother, who is 8, was at school.  I have two faves of the day, the first one and the one of his dad holding him... oh man, I just love that little expression on his face!!
Well...  it seems I have lingered here long enough.  Until next time!  Cija

This is Tamara... I just texted her to make sure I could use this picture and guess what!?!  

She now has 6 donors!!  
"Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly more than we could ever ask or imagine!!"

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