Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Maternity Pictures Castle Rock, Colorado

I should really be coming up with a plan for dinner, I am sure my family is growing weary of my 11th hour "Cija Surprise" dinners, but... nah!  I would much rather be hangin' here with you.
So yesterday I made my way up to Thornton to be with Sarah and Mike.  They are expecting a little girl in February!  Maybe she will be a Valentine baby?!
They wanted to play with this fun blocks and I was happy to oblige.  I just love the name they picked out!    It is pronounced Ah-lex-ee-ah.

 Man, what an exciting time for them!  So be sure to check back in February to see Alexia's very first photoshoot!  Okay, the guilt is wearing on me,  I shall face my destiny and open the freezer or...  Rod could always take us out for dinner!  Wait delivery sounds even better, then I can go put on my jammies!  Oh if only White Chocolate Grill delivered, I could really go for their chicken salad right now.  Erin, my WCG buddy where are you?!?!? Oh, and Anissa hooked me up with lunch at Siena's (who knew?) very yummy pizza and salad lunch!  I am a fan!  Okay, clearly I am hungry.  Dinner.  Focus Cija!!
Until next time. Cija

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