Saturday, January 14, 2012

Family Photography in Castle Rock, CO

So you will have to pardon me if I just gush and gush over these pictures!  I just love so much about them and feel impressed to tell you every little detail.  Okay, let's start with the big item... THE FAMILY!!  I love, love love this family.  Especially the lovely lady in the red hat, that would be my dear sweet friend, Amity.  I met her at women's retreat, let's see a year and half ago.
This cutie patootie is Miss Eleary.  She is just plain yummilicious and dripping is cuteness.  
She was amazing!  Such a sweet young lady!
 This is Colin, Amity's husband... I love a man that is man enough to wear a hat!  And not just any hat a super fantabulously fun hat like this one!
Oh man... I just love the sweet little look Eleary is givin' her daddy, oh my, is he in trouble or what?!
Melting... into a pile of mushy goo!!!
 I aspire to pucker like that, have you ever seen anything so cute... no wonder, Colin can do nothing but take in the cuteness of such a pucker!  LOVE!
 And we all know now much I like the daddy daughter pics.  There is nothing quite like a good daddy!
A little girl's Hero for sure!

 Love this one too... Colin sneakin' a little kiss!  Precious!

 Well it goes thing out saying I had tons of fun on this shoot with my sweet friends!  But for the record... 
But for now I must be off to the store, the girls need to buy gifts for a birthday party and I need to grocery shop (yuck)!!  But we have friends coming for dinner.  
Until next time! Cija

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