Friday, January 6, 2012

Family Photographer in Parker, CO

Me and the Dish Network guy are hangin' out this afternoon, but bet he really wishes that I spoke his language "cable this and cable that, tuner this and tuner that... blah blah blah"  Listen man, I just wanna watch what I wanna watch when I wanna watch it and record what I want to record when I want to record it... so make it happen!

This lovely family is the McGunkins, Adam, Danielle, Liam and Max (you may remember Max the little frog from 8 months ago, he grew up a little bit!).  I went out to their house and we played around in the field out back for a little bit. Man, was it a gorgeous day or what!!

Well, I am off (as soon as the Cable guy leaves) to have lunch with my roller derby bubby... Anissa!!  Can't wait! And tonight is the Bunco Girl's night out!!  I have planned an Amazing Race!  It should be super fun (yes, there will be pictures!)
Bye! Cija

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