Thursday, May 31, 2012

Family Photography in Castle Rock, CO

Funny story about how April and I hooked up for her family pictures.

I was at church waiting for Bible study to begin, when my B.Buddy, Tina asked me to help get a new girl all signed up and assigned to a small girl.  New Girl = April
We chatted a bit while I got her all signed up and then we went our separate ways.

A couple of weeks later I spied April holding with sweet little red-head and I was smitten!!
"You have to let me take her picture!" I said.
The nursery girl, Tami, chimed in "Oh yes, you have too!!"
April looked a bit overwhelmed... like okay you weird ladies back off.
But she was sweet and instead said "Oh... are you a photographer?"
I tried to reel it in and play it cool...  I explained that I was indeed a photographer and that if she was interested in getting pictures done she could check out my website "it 3, the number, Wishes..."
"What? You're 3 Wishes Photography?" She interrupted.
She had been spying out my work for a while!!
Pretty cool huh!?!?  That very afternoon, she posted on the 3 Wishes Facebook page
"Cija: I'm in awe of how the Lord works! I'm so glad to have found you and look forward to doing a session (or two) in the near future! Blessings, April (Jake & Hannah)."
 A few weeks after that and here we are!!!
I must admit her kids are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!
Tina is going to be little ticked with me, she told me before she left that they had the cutest baby ducklings and I just had to get a picture with the kids.... I forgot : (
(Why was Tina there????  Because she is the BEST hair and make up artist EVER! and she came to pamper April before her shoot.) 
 Gene and April live on a beautiful piece of property just a hop, skip and a jump south of me and it was so much fun 4 wheeling in the truck going from spot to spot. (I even thought we got stuck one time, but no, Gene managed to get us out!!)

We stayed out there until the last little bit of light faded away!  
Now it's time to find my kids, they went to the pool with the neighbors and get ready for my shoot with the Love's this evening!
Until next time!!

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