Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Family Photography in Castle Rock, CO

Time for another sneak peek.
This time it is Ben, Lynn, Noah and Levi.
 It's been two year since the last time we got together to do pictures, holy cow, what a difference a couple of years can make!!
 Our kiddos grow up so fast and change so dramatically in such a short time!
 We could not have had a nicer evening for pics, I was concerned it might be super hot but it was positively perfect!
 Oh my goodness, I love this picture of the boys in the wagon! 
So cute!

 Sometimes I am really overwhelmed by how blessed I am to do what I do.  
I have so many clients like Ben and Lynn that come back time after time to have me take photos of their family. 
 It is such a privilege… that word isn't quite right because to me sharing with these families in this way is so much sweeter to me.   How is it that I get to do this… everyday?
I feel truly blessed and so thankful. 
 At the end of our shoot Levi just hugged my leg over and over again, and the boys even wondered if I was going to join them for ice cream after our shoot.  Blessed.
 This picture of Lynn and the boys cracks me up.  I have no idea what she was telling them but at exactly the same time they both said "Ewww!!" and stuck out their tongues! 
 Okay,  just for fun let's have a little flash back.
Well, I will see you on the other side of the holiday!  Enjoy your 4th of July holiday!

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