Sunday, August 30, 2015

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Hello! And happy Sunday!

I have just a few minutes before we load up the car and head to Arvada to take Miss Melanie's senior pictures!  So… While Rod watches football and the girls are being quiet upstairs (hmmm…)
 I thought I would take a few minutes to get this sneak peek up on the blog. 
 No better way to spend a beautiful Friday night, than taking pictures of one of my very favorite families. Brock and Beth have been so faithful to me and my business over the past 6 years!
 In fact, my first shoot with them was with Gavin when he was just 3 months old. Now look at him!
And ya wanna know something else… the day we took these pictures was actually his birthday!
 Oh Maddie… such a beauty!
 Ryanne actually got to come with me on this shoot.  We had to switch nights because of bad weather and I didn't realize that Rod had to work, and Melia was baby sitting, so… we divided and conquered.  
Ryanne went with me, and Sabrina went with Rod. 

 Okay, in the photo below… look at Gavin's foot, no shoe!  That little stinker, he kept kicking it off (forward, towards me) and I would tell him to put in back on.  But he is super sneaky!!  I didn't catch it when he slipped it off behind his other foot!!  
 But just look at the smile!!!  He was just grinning, knowing that he was getting away with it!  
Not one photo with his shoe on (of course, that make me love this picture all the more!)
 We found some roses that matched the one in Maddie's hair just perfect!
 Oh, Gavin...
 The one below is my favorite of the two kids together. 
 I love when they just do something all on their own!


 Love! Love! Love!

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