Tuesday, August 4, 2015

High School Senior Pictures in Castle

It's my most favorite time of the year!!  Seniors!!
Last night I was with Ashley, I did her sister's senior pictures a couple of years ago, or was that just last year?!  Hmmm… either way, equally as fun!
How do these girls wind up so stinkin' gorgeous? 
I was a total dork when I had my senior pictures done.
Hey! I heard that!
 It was cloudy and grey all the live long day, but the sun showed up for our shoot which made all of us very happy!
I just love the sunlight in her pretty blonde hair.
Her little sister, Ryan said she looked like a "Zebra" to which I replied…
"Nice looking zebra!"
 There was a senior fella having his pics done at the same time… I think he was having a hard time concentrating!

 I just love so many of these photos!
 I did her sister's photos at the same location so the challenge was to make the photos look entirely different.  I love a challenge. 
 I loved her hair and make up too!
 I had so much fun, I think we should do it again!

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