Monday, August 31, 2015

High School Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

Ummm… I can not tell you how much I love this picture!
Let's just say that it's ALOT!  It is so moody and gorgeous and awesome and haunting and so on!!
So, last night Melanie and 20 or so of her closest friends and relatives went out and about for Melanie's senior pictures. 20 of her closest friends and relatives AND 3 horses!!!
We had June Bug, Jelly Bean and Vic, those were the horses.
 To say this shoot was fun would be an understatement. 
I was truly taken back, looking thru my lens and seeing such beauty looking back at me. 
 This was the horse Mel rode when she was a little girl… his name is Vic.
I have known Melanie since she was only 6 months old. It's hard to find words...
 Her story is the kind that touches the deepest parts of your soul, terrifying, somewhat shrouded and wonderfully glorious in the picture it paints of God's faithfulness and her perserverance.  The picture below captures the whole of her story for me. 
 It's not my story to tell, it's her's and one day I know that God is going to give her a unique and power platform to share it and then He will take it and use to do a good many things.
Truly beauty from ashes.
 Melanie and her sister, Abby have no idea, how much I care about them and pray for them.
I am not always the soft and fuzziest bear in the bunch, but that doesn't change the reality of my deep love for them both. 
 It has been my privilege to watch them both grow up into amazingly colorful reflections of their masterful Creator in Heaven. 
Oh.. the stories I could tell of her getting up in this tree!!!
 Let's just say it was very and I mean very entertaining. 
 The shoot was followed by a very yummy dinner at Fuzzy's!! 
(Yes… I veered I was feeling verklempt) 
 Melanie, You are beautiful girl.  Your beauty radiates from the inside out and shines brightly all around you.  I truly believe the Lord showed me a glimpse of your future at one point to help your mom make it through those scary days… I pray that you will chase after all He has for you.  That He will be first love and all that you live for.  He has great things in store for you.  An unexpected adventure for you and Him! Lots of love… Cija

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Ann said...

My precious Cija, not only are these pictures beautiful but the words you wrote...are beautiful! I love you my friend and I am so blessed to have someone who captures moments for me and more importantly prays for my children! Thank you!