Saturday, August 22, 2015

Newborn Photographer in Parker, CO

Time for another sneak peek, this time it's Deacon!
Just one week old today!!
Good grief, Caitlyn…  could you be any prettier?!?!
 On my goodness, this is the coziest little baby I have ever met!  
When I arrived he was all cuddled up barely able to be seen and when I left and cozy, bundled again and happy as a little clam!
 He was a joy to work with, there was only one thing that I asked him to do, that he flat our refused.
In the world of newborns, that is a big fat A+

 This is my second Cain Baby!  
Big brother Ryker is only 18 months old!  (Isn't he handsome?!)

Ryker even let us get a photo of him with his little brother!
So… adorable!
 I took this same photo of Caitlynn and Ryker.   I loved it so much I had take it again with Deacon.

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