Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ellie's Carnival and a Few Other Stops

 I bet you don't recognize this beautiful young lady with her long luscious hair!!  It's Ellie!  If you have been following this blog for a while you remember my first shoot with Ellie while she was receiving treatment for a very aggressive type of cancer. 
I went to high school with Ellie's mom and reconnected with her at Ellie's first carnival which was arranged to help the family with their medical expenses. 
 Since then we have been praying for Ellie as a family and many of my wonderful clients have joined in lifting prayers on her behalf.  Ellie is currently cancer FREE!  WOOHOO!!! But the carnival continues to help support The Children's hospital.
 Ellie's Carnival has become a family tradition for the Cooksey's and the girls are always exited to head out for a day of carnival games and a chance to see the "Miracle" that Ellie's life is today!

 After the carnival we decided to take the girl's to the airport to see the planes, they have never been to the airport so they were pretty excited to check it out.  I am known for my great sense of direction so I lead the way to the airport...  it's true that it include a few dirt roads that looked like they hadn't been used in a while but in the end they lead us right to where we needed to go.  BUT... on the way we past a field full of old sunflowers, I just thought they were the coolest thing ever, so I made the whole family get out of the car and join me for a closer look.

We had a busy day... it didn't end there, we had lunch at Freddy's (Rod is big fan) and then 2 parties with friends!!  We wrapped up the evening with a visit from our friend James, I just love when he comes to visit he is a FABULOUS story teller!!  I could listen to him for hours!
I hope you had a great day too!!!

Please join me again in offering praise and  thanks to God for Ellie's recovery and continue to pray for Mike and Melissa as they continue to fight their own battle with this disease. Hugs, Cija

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