Sunday, June 12, 2011

Playing Pays Off (A Before and After)

I have never done a before and after post before, but I was just so excited about how this turned out I wanted to share...
So I am relatively new to Digital photography (3 years), I have been a LONG time film girl and I came to the digital world kicking and screaming!!  But switching to digital allowed me to do business on a new level and reach more people and now I'm a fan (although I will always be a film girl at heart).  Shooting in film doesn't allow for all the exposure compensation and photo fixing that digital does but... it was a great way to learn because film forces you to get it right with out the help of an LCD display and fancy software. 
With that being said, I do not have all that fancy software... so I try to get it as close to right as I can while actually shooting the picture.   So I don't have Lightroom or Photoshop CS5 (I'm not even sure that's the right name but I think it is, I try to sound somewhat edjumicated!!) I just have an old version of Elements that I have tinkered with.  Today was a tinker day!
So here is my original shot, straight out of the camera.

This is my edited version.
 Today I was playing and figured out how to do this!!!  I don't know if I will ever be able to do it again, I was clicking and draggin' like a crazy girl so who knows if I will actually be able to remember what I did but hey!!  I did it once and I really like it!
(you may want to double click on the images to see them a little bigger and clearer). Okay... that's all I got!
Enjoy your Sunday!

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