Friday, June 24, 2011

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 Good Morning!!!  Well it was until a whacked my head on the Armoire.... YOUCH!!  I only have a minute, I am headed out the door to meet a precious little newborn girlie at the park, my very first outdoor newborn shoot, I am so excited!!!  But I wanted you all to get a little glimpse of my time last night spent with the McCandless family.
 This beauty is Cheyenne and she is 3 years old, I just love, love, love her hair, I would trade with her in a hot second!  She is such a sweet whimsical child.
 And this handsome young man is Brandon, I was totally diggin' his beachy style!! 
So laid back and cool.

 Okay, two favorites, the one above and the one below.  Above, I love the laughter between a boy and his dad, just precious!  Then the one below... well, when a boy has go a boy has to go!!!  (I hope the blog show the detail this photo deserves).

 Okay, the one above is another fave!  I think it total shows the two different personality types of these kiddos, Cheyenne is all kriss kross and kute while Brandon is laid back and thoughtful!!

 Okay, the one above cracked me up.  I have heard a lot of kids say "cheese" to get them to smile but Cheyenne was clearly not in the smiling mood at this point and she was sitting on the rock saying "Happy Cheese. Happy Cheese." Over and over again!! 

I enjoyed my time with this wonderful family very much!!! (Oh the black furry member of the family is Bella, she liked jumping in the lake very much!)

Oh! Big news!  I don't think I have shared this with you yet.  We have new housemates.  Matt, Aimee, Matthew, Isabel and Mia (oh and Zeus and Baxtor too!).  We are so excited to have our dear friends shakin' up with us!!  That brings the house totals to 4 Adults, 6 kids, 3 dogs and a rabbit!!! It's sure to be a FUN and exciting summer!!
Okay, I am off!  Cija

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Thank you, these are great! Look forward to seeing the rest! :)