Thursday, June 16, 2011

Maternity Photography in Castle Rock, CO

 Today I had a belly shoot with Jenna and Mike, they are expecting their first baby (A BOY!!!) in August!  Funny story about Jenna.  Jenna found me on Google and contacted me about doing her belly shots, we traded a few emails and settled on a date.
 A few days later I got a call about "Senior Pictures", this lady and her daughter were a referral from one of last year's seniors.  Anywho... she mentioned that her daughter was in Westernaires and was hoping to have a few shots done with her horse.  So... I called my "know everything about horses and Westernaire crazy" friend, Ann to see if she could help me with horse friendly and yet scenic locations.  Turns out Ann, knew my senior!  We chatted about how funny that was and then she said...
 "Oh, I've got to tell my friend, Jenna about you, she going to have a baby in August!"
"Hmmm... I think maybe she's already on my schedule!"
Talk about a small world!  Ann works with Jenna!
Well, we thought it was funny, ya know... maybe I'm the only one that thought it was funny!
Moving on...
 Either way, I had a fun time with Jenna and Mike and I am very excited to meant their little boy in a couple of months!
Ya all know I love my bellies and babies!
 Fave of the day... that's a hard one, I love, love, love the one below, but I also love the one above with their hands, wedding rings and "snuggled in the belly" baby.  I don't think I can choose!  So, today I have two Faves of the Day!

 Well, it's about time to make dinner.  We are going to have a busy night at the Cooksey's (how did Rod manage to schedule an appointment on such a busy night!).
 We are SO BLESSED to have some very dear friends of ours coming to live with us.  If all is going according to plan they should be starting their trek towards Colorado sometime today (with a few stops along the way) and we hope that they will be here either this weekend or early next week.
 That will bring the house total to 4 adults, 6 kids, 3 dogs and 1 rabbit!  Woohoo!!!
But between now and then, I need to get the playroom made into a bedroom for 4 little girls and the twin's room set up for mom and dad. 
Oh man, the kids are breaking out the popcorn, I better get on that dinner!
Until next time... Cija


Anonymous said...

I love them! they look great, thank you thank you!!


Ann said...

Wow, Jenna you are a very pretty mommy to be:) Can't wait for the shower, so glad my bff got to capture this special time for you! Cija, as usual....awesome!


3 Wishes Photography said...

Thanks Guys!!! It was a fun shoot! I just love those bellies!