Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby Photography in Parker, CO

 Okay, just a head's up... I can't linger today, I have a very handsome boy waiting for me at the park, but I wanted to get Liberty's sneak peek up this morning so I can get Presley's up this afternoon and Tyler's up tomorrow!  Phew!!  So many cute little babies!!

Liberty is 9 months old and showing off her very impressive standing up skills!  She is such a sweet little girl, she has never fussed a bit at any of her shoots (even the freezing cold one in the fall!!).  She is just precious and it's true I started hitting mom up to find out when little Liberty can be expecting a little brother or sister, with kids this cute they need to just keep on having 'em!

Okay, I have to run!  (Oh by the way, for those of you following the accident... my car was totaled, let the shopping for a new one begin!)

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