Friday, April 13, 2012

Castle Rock,CO Photographer

Hey there!  Happy Friday the 13th!  So question as to the origins of the 13th's superstition sent me on a little quest for more useless trivia!  It wasn't all the interesting,  there was some italian guy who thought Fridays and the number 13 were on unlucky and thus the combination even that more unlucky and it just so  happened that he died on Friday the 13th lending credibility to his theory.
In the world of Cija it just seems like a fabulously fun party theme!  Imagine all those silly superstitions gathered into one great big grand celebration!
 But yesterday... I was with Rhonda and Blaine, recently married and expecting a baby in July they wanted to get some pictures to remember their D.I.N.K days!

Spring was springing all around us and not even a wisp of wind!  It was the perfect evening for a photo shoot!  Well, perfect for me... Blaine thought it was a bit brisk (my word not his). 
 Don't you just love the ring!  Gee-or-jus!!

Well, I can't dilly dally today.  Tomorrow is Melia's birthday and there is much and I do mean MUCH to do!  Add to that... Bunco tonight and I really must get going! 
TTFN! Cija

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