Monday, August 27, 2012

Wedding Wishes - Tracy and Michelle

I'm BACK!!  Weird week last week!  I was booked all week but a series of different events ended with all sessions being rescheduled! But the break gave me some time to catch up on orders, so it was all good.  On Saturday, Rod and I headed out to Tracy and Michelle's summer wedding.

Michelle and I used to go to the same church and I recognized her as soon as I saw her, what a sweet and pleasant Bride.

 I thought her dress was absolutely STUNNING with delicate lace and just the right amount of "bling"!
 And the pop of COLOR from the flowers was FABULOUS!
These lovely ladies are Michelle's sisters, Jackie and Annie... 
I love this picture of them laughing together (makes me think of my 3 girls).

This one of Tracy and Michelle is one of my favorites, I love the expression on her face.

 The church couldn't have been prettier.
 Everybody's favorite part "You may kiss the, Bride."

 I thought the whole wedding was lovely, one of the highlights was the music.  I'm not sure what the relationship was, but the singer was amazing!!  I found myself just standing there listening, when I was like "CIJA!!  Snap out of it! You are supposed to be taking pictures!"

 Their send off was one I had never seen before, bags of gummie bears for each of the guests and a tunnel of ribbons!

Rod and I were honored to be part of their celebration and pray the Lord's blessing over their marriage. 
Until next time! Cija

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