Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Newborn Photography in Parker, CO

Say "Hello" to little Miss Addison isn't she just precious!!!  I mean look at that little squishable face!!!  You know you want to squish it!
And here she is looking very "Frounch" (that is French with a French accent, go on... try it, it's fun! and it helps that the girls and I are reading the Tale of Despereaux and I have had to brush up on my french accent!)  Side note...  when I was in Jr High maybe High School my friend Yvette and I would go to the arcade in Cinder Alley at Cinderella City and pretend that we were french foreign exchange students, she was always better at the french while I was quite good at the english accent (big fan of Princess Di!  Okay, back to Addison.

This handsome young man is Brenden, Addison's sure to be protector and very best big brother. 
 Okay! ALL TIME FAVORITE PIGGY PHOTO!  Those are by far the most perfect little "stand at attention" piggies I have EVER seen!!!
 Ya know what this picture reminds me of??????  
"Elf and Magic!" That's WHAT!  OoH! the CUTENESS!

 So may I have a moment to steer away from the cuteness and tell you a little story?  Ha! I can't hear you so.... story time it is.  I am a little like Rachel Ray when I come for a newborn shoot, carrying baskets, blankets, bags of hats and headband galore.  I carried all my stuff in and placed it on the dining room table.  As I started to pull my arm out of the loops to one of my bags, I spotted the biggest, grossest, scariest spider I have ever seen!!!  Sitting right on top of my stuff!!!  I carried the spider!!!  For those of you who know me at all, you know this is not good.  It took every once of control I had to remain in their house... I wanted to run to my car and drive away as fast as I could!
 Instead, I enlisted the help of Matt (Addison's daddy) to get rid of it.  He was very calm, grabbed a kleenex and set off to take care of the task... until he saw the biggest, grossest, scariest spider ever!!!  We would definitely need another plan of attack.  Jessica (Addison's mommy) had the brilliant idea of sucking it up with their vacuum!  And I am happy to report that it was a huge success (however, they now have the biggest, grossest, scariest spider ever inside their vacuum cleaner... Cija would have to buy a new vacuum.
 So for one last bit of info, it is time for my FAVE OF THE DAY!  
and the winner is....
The one below, sweet baby perfection!
 Congratulations Matt and Jessica!

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