Thursday, August 2, 2012

Newborn Photography in Castle Rock, CO

Say "Hello" to Mason!!!

He is One Week old!! I just love that little face in the picture below!
And that sweet little mouth in the picture below!

Mason was a very good boy, so sweet and cuddly!

 The Challenge of the day was to try and figure out how to take his picture on his dad's motorcycle. (Don't worry he was perfectly safe, mom was holding him and dad was on the floor right in front just in case mom had a sneezing attack that ended in her falling over and rolling down the driveway.)
 Oh, I do love my little newbies!

Well, I am hopin' this weather cooperates with me tonight so I can meet up with Julie and Hailey for her senior pictures!  But right now it is not looking so good.  
For now, I am off to supervise the men tearing our sidewalk to smithereens!
Until next time!

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