Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Heidi HO!  WOW!!  has it been busy this past weekend, of course there was Michelle and Tracy's  wedding on Saturday and then a special Sunday shoot with with my gal pal Brooke and her family.  But how could I say "No." I just love Brooke... she makes me laugh, and I like to laugh!
 I was going to share my favorite memory but there are just too many to choose from.  There's her maternity shoot (poor Josh), the girl's weekend when I first met her and she got her car stuck in the snow, our love of candles and rabbits... how is a girl to choose!
 I also love Josh's enthusiasm to sub for our Bunco group (he is VERY competitive!!)
 And then of course there are the boys... Jordan, Jacob, Austin and Cade!

 But it is Cade who holds my heart...  isn't he just dreamy?!?!
 HEART Melting!!

Love ya, BROOKE!!!


Unknown said...

Well I'm a little bias towards this family, but I love these pictures! Where ever you had these taken was perfect and fits them so well! Great job Cija!!!!

Gennae H. said...

My nephews Jordan and Austin are so handsome! Great pics! :)