Monday, August 13, 2012

Senior Pictures in Highlands Ranch, CO

Well, it is Monday again and it has been a busy one!  Most kids went back to school today but not mine, they don't go back until Wednesday.  I had multiple shoots so they spent the day with Nana and Papa, their first stop of the day was Krispie Kremes, so in their eyes it was a pretty good DAY!
 This pretty lady is Jessica and she is a 2013 Senior at Highlands Ranch High School.  We had such a fun shoot together, we fear being rained out but... in the end it was a perfect night!

 I loved all of her fabulous outfits, including her beautiful Prom dress!

 But my favorite was the snowboard gear!!!  I LOVE it!

 Well, I can't linger tonight, 3 others are waiting for their sneak peeks, so I need to stay on task!
Until tomorrow! Cija

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Unknown said...

What a beautiful girl!!