Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Family Photographer in Castle Pines, CO

Good Morning!  I was so going to sleep in today.  I stayed up late to watch my DVR of the women's team competition (gymnastics) GO USA!!  WOW!  They were amazing! Made me a bit teary eyed, I must admit.  But there was no sleeping in for Cija, my husband just has to set that bloody alarm every single morning and then there's the shower noise and the electric razor and the clanging of the ironing board and iron.  So I am up with just enough time to get Amanda's sneak peek up before I declare it "Girlies Gone Wild" day.  

Yep, you heard me right, we may just buy school supplies today AND while I had previously thought to recycle last year's colored pencils I just may let them pick out a new pack!  Oh YES! I said WILD!!
 But enough about that, let's talk about this pretty little girl!!!  I could have photographed her ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY!!!  I insisted that she had "an award winning, stood in line for it twice" smile!

 Her name is Olivia and she is 4! And yes, I love all piggies!  Newborn piggies and 4 year old piggies (don't judge me!  they are bee-dorable!)
 Are you melting into a pile of mooshy goo?!?!?  I mean seriously!
 Oh yay, (wait a minute, is it yay or yeah? I really don't know I need guidance someone please leave a comment, help a poor girl out!) those are Olivia's parents... Amanda and Justin  (now I was so sure of myself but now I am wavering, I am definitely 99%... 96%... 80% sure his name is Justin).  Sorry... it's nothing personal I have a serious name issue, to me you will always be Daniel.
Ooooo!!!! and look who showed up for our last photo of the day!!!
Well, I am off to rattle some cages! Have a great day!

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