Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Senior Pictures in Highlands Ranch, CO

This pretty girl is Katelyn and she is a 2013 senior at D'evelyn High School, I should have asked her about her plans for next year but I was a little distracted, in additional to Katelyn and me there were... let me count 1- Amber, 2 - Ann, 3 - Cindy, 4 - Abby, 5 - Melanie so that gives us a grand total of 7 people at her shoot!  Ya know, when you got fans you got fans!
I have to ask her just how she got those waves, I am another FAN!

 What a good sport standing in the freezing cold water!! (I just love the adventurous) 
 Bonus!  They invited me to join them for dinner afterwards and 
we went to this very yummy mexican restaurant!  
 Well, I  have to wrap this up, I wanted to get Kaitlyn's sneak peek up but my family wants dinner!!
Until next time!

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