Sunday, September 16, 2012

Engagement Photography in Castle Rock, CO

This A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E couple is my nephew Bronson and soon to be "niece", Tracie!!
They were recently engaged and this afternoon we headed out for some formal engagement pictures!!

 We did have a wee little run in with a snake while taking this picture...  
but we were all very cool, calm and collected. 

 Bronson is VERY Excited!!!

 Okay, isn't the "hands holding the face" simply the most romantic thing EVER!!!
So Mr. Darcy!!  Makes me melt into a pile of mooshy goo!!!

 Hmmm.... so I wonder what color eyes their kids will have?!?!?
Maybe BLUE!!
 I loving refer to this pose as "the tangled leg"!  I'm just saying...

 Tracie had to break out the cute little engagement dress, because on the actual day that Bronson proposed she was wearing running shorts and had just run a mile trying to win an "Amazing Race" that was fixed for her to win in the first place!!

I couldn't be happier for Bronson and  Tracie, Tracie is sure to be a precious addition to the family.  
All my love to you both!!!
Congratulations! Auntie Cija

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lynn said...

Adorable couple ~ Beautiful photos!
Can't wait for the big day!
Congratulations from Aunt Lynn ~