Thursday, September 6, 2012

Family Photography in Castle Rock, CO

Take 2 with the Stauffer's!!
So last night, we had another go at the Stauffer's family pictures,  wouldn't you know it the wind kicked up again, but we tried switching locations to something 
with a little more protection and it worked like a charm.
I  meet Lisa five year ago, she was Ryanne's occupational therapist and she would come to the house twice a month to work with Ryanne and to give me tips on how to help Ryanne.  The things she taught us during that time are as much a part of our day as washing our hands and brushing our teeth.
I remember one particularly rough day, I called Lisa at the very end of my rope, she was on her way home from Water World with her family, but she was the calm on the other end of the phone that helped me come up with a plan.  I was so grateful for her that day and every time I see Ryanne struggling and know to grab her and squeeze the living stuffin' out of her!!
 She also made us this great book "Things Ryanne can do with her hands", we still have it in Ryanne's bookcase... in fact I just might be able to recite it from memory!

 God sprinkles our lives with unknown blessings from surprising place and Lisa was definitely a blessing in our life.  Ryanne had several therapist at that time, but Lisa is the only one who's name I remember, because Lisa did more than her "job" when she came to our home, she loved on us all.
She was Jesus to Ryanne and to me.
 She also had first hand experience with twins, because she has a set of her very own. 
 Mackenzie and Jacob who are 11 years old. 
Well, I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of Jeff and Lisa.  Until next time! Cija

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