Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Newborn Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Say "Hello" to Miss Charleze Dawn, or otherwise know as "Charley"!
Isn't she perfectly precious!
 I had a FABULOUS time at her shoot, she was just the sweetest little baby and just look at the sweet smile below!  I LUV it!
 And then there's that little pucker!!  I can't take any more!!  My head is starting to spin!
Charley is only 4 days old!  She is now tied with Jonah for my youngest newborn.
Her shoot wasn't with out adventure...  I don't know if I have mentioned my issue with "Lola" (my new car) the gas gauge is on the opposite side and I keep looking at the temperature gauge, well... this has lead to me being out of gas twice and today was almost 3!!
But lucky for me Charley's mommy had some gas on hand so I was able to make it back to town!
Well, it's time to get the girlies so I am off!
Be back soon!!

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Unknown said...

What a cutey! And I LOVE the name Charlie! Great pics!