Wednesday, September 5, 2012

High School Senior Photography in Castle Rock, CO

Only 5 more seniors and my senior season will be over (enter sad face here).

But let's dwell on the positive shall we?!  Last night was the perfect night for taking pictures, beautiful sun light, no wind just loveliness all around.
 Including the lovely, Brittani, who is a 2013 Senior at Castle View High School.
 She isn't sure yet what her plans will be for next year, I believe the quote was "I have no idea!" but when pressed about her passions, the answer was acting.
 I loved Brittani's response when I asked her if she thought she might pursue acting, she said "If the Lord wants me too."  It's inspiring to see someone so young seeking after the Lord's will in her life. 
 I felt a little sorry for the ducks... they followed us all around, I am sure they were hoping we were stashing some treats, they seemed to be getting a little testy by the end of the evening.

 Well, I have to wrap this up and get ready for my make up shoot with Lisa and her family, remember the teeny tiny peek where we got "winded out", quite honestly I have never had to reschedule for wind and have shot in some really windy conditions but Lisa's hair was not having it. 

Enjoy your evening!!! Cija

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