Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Family Photography in LoneTree, CO

I had such high hopes to make it to the grocery store today and this afternoon I am just watching them slip through my fingers!!!  But I haven't been sitting around eating BonBons either!!  I had a shoot with little Ben this morning and then overhauled our with updated chores and point values!!  Got through all my emails, made some CD's and got these images for ready for the blog!
This is the Pfaff family and I ADORE Erin (Jeremy's real nice too)!!  We used to go the same church and she has been a customer of mine from the very beginning!!! Coming back year after year!!
This little elf and magic is Stella... and she is the sweetest little bundle of giggles and grins I have EVER seen!!!
I am thinking maybe this is the first time I have taken a picture of just Jeremy and Erin.  I remember the very first year I took her pictures I suggested a couple photo and she turned me down saying it was something she would never pick.  But yesterday... I didn't give her a choice!!  I just did it!  

Kate is their oldest, she is going to be 9 in November!

And Claire is 7, with a birthday next month!!

 Well, I hope you enjoyed this little peek!!  If you are toying with pictures this fall don't delay!!  I only have a handful of openings left for November and December.  
Now... onto the grocery list!


Dianna Hale said...

LOVE, LOVE the Pfaff photo's and not just because they are our family - you do the best work!

3 Wishes Photography said...

Thank you Dianna!