Friday, September 28, 2012

Infant Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

So even while I type this my house is being cleaned!!  Scrubbed from top to bottom, it smells like I hangin' out in an orange grove (with a side of vinegar, she just did the microwave)!!  When I mentioned wanting to hire someone to come in and deep clean my house, Ann offered to come over and do it!!  How sweet is that!?!?
So while she cleaned, I sat here and got Emma's sneak peek ready for the blog!
This was Emma's 6 month shoot and she decide to bring her big sister Natalie and ever her mom and dad along for a few family pictures!
 Miss Natalie will be 3 in January, isn't she precious!?
 I LOVE this picture of the two girls giggling at each other, So SOOO CUTE!!!
 Okay, truth be told... I love this one too!

 Oh Miss Emma...  you are just the sweetest!!!
 You can sure tell that "Fall" is in the air and I was loving the leaves that had fallen on this bridge.  Oh, how I LOVE fall!!  

Well, it's time to go get those little cherubs from school!!  Until next time!

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