Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What to Wear for Fall & Winter Shoots

The question I am asked the most is... "What should we wear?" 
 So I am finally carving out a little bit of time to help you answer this question and since fall and winter are knocking at our door we will start there!!  

 Let's talk do's and dont's...
 DO - Play with textures, a mix of sweaters, jackets and scarves looks GREAT!
 DO - Play with color 3-4 coordinating colors is very pleasing to the eye, especially when mixed with different patterns and textures. 
DON'T - be to matchy matchy, all in one color etc.
 DO - Dress casual and comfortable.
DON'T - dress too dressy, it looks too out of place crawling around in the woods.
 DO - Dress warm!!! layer your clothes and put little ones in jackets and mittens 
(mittens are key for ages 2-6)

 DO - Play with a BOLD color, this  green apple looks amazing!
DO - Wear jeans!!  Jeans always look great in photographs.
 Now, let's talk Babies and Kiddos, just because there is snow on the ground doesn't mean you can't have fabulous photos of your kids done!!
DO - HATS!!!!  There are so many cute choices and keeping those ears warm goes along way in keeping little ones happy.
 DO - Dress your child in warm clothes, warm kiddos are happy kiddos!
 DO - Have fun with JACKETS!!!
DON'T - expect a dress and tights to keep them warm, and no dressy shoes, their feet will freeze.
 DO - Bring hats, sweaters, mittens and blankets!
 And a little "Bling" Too!
 I hope this is helpful!!!
Looking forward to shooting with you this fall and winter!
OH and my friend, Talia just bought me a killer sled for this winter season, so we are going to need some kiddos and snow!!

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