Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Engagement Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

Time for another sneak peek!  
Last night I had the privilege of taking Jourdan and Abby's engagement photos.
(The above photo is my "Twilight" shot!!)
 This was super fun because I have known Abby since she was 3 and Jourdan since he was 14!!
 And their mom's are both friends of mine!
 Ann (Abby's mom) is my bestie and Tina (Jourdan's mom) is my Boudoir Buddy!!
 Talk about a high fashion shoot!  7 wardrobe changes in less than a hour, where do I go to get my sticker?!?
 Jourdan and Abby are the adventurous type… in fact, they got engage while on a hippo tour in Africa!
I got engaged at the Royal Gorge… that's something!
 I think Rod and I should get a couple of scarves like these… in fact, I think Rod and I should recreate all these images.  (Laughing so hard I can barely type!!)
 Ah…  look at those faces.
 Are you enjoying the wide range of attire?!
Now picture their mom's carrying all these clothes, suitcases and back packs through out the shoot.
 I am excited to see what God has in store for these two. 
They have too much passion for it to even be close to ordinary. 

 Marriage is by far the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. 
The road ahead is filled with inexpressible joy, caverns of deep sadness, insurmountable challenges and stretches of the mundane but it is a covenant worth keeping.
 God is the third person that makes a marriage between a man and a woman a strong cord, my prayer is that Jourdan and Abby will chase after God with all that they have.  That they will lift one another up in prayer and encourage one another with the hope we have in Christ. 
 Love you both…

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