Monday, September 28, 2015

Family Photography in Castle Rock, CO

Okay, I am not going to lie.  This Monday is not going as planned!
I should be in the mountains having a relaxed lunch with my hubby taking in the fall color.
The girls were scheduled to be at a science camp this week, but we weren't even an hour away when the phone rang.  It was Melia, she was sick and throwing up!  Insert very big boo-boo face.
But my having to come home, is good new for Laurel because that means her sneak peek is going up a wee bit early!
We headed out to Sterne Park on Friday night, man... the roses were B-E-you-tiful!
They have recovered quite nicely from those pesky Japanese Beetles.
Let's see the kids… First, we have David, with his fancy red socks.  His dad was completely missing the fashion forwardness of this choice.
Next is Brooke.
 And then we have Evan! Also, making a sock statement, Go CV!
 So, Rod ran into a friend of his while we were doing this shoot.  His friend, Troy, who was actually in our wedding.  He was taking pictures, too. 
 I, of course, had to look him up on Facebook and check out his pictures.  Wow! He is an amazing architectural and land scape photographer.  I must say, he inspired me to try harder on the things that don't come so naturally. 

 Fall in Colorado!  Lookin' pretty nice!
Off to check on Miss Melia…

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