Thursday, July 7, 2011

60 Years!!! That's AMAZING!

 This is Grandma and Grandpa... or less commonly known as Delbert & Virginia.  Oh their not my grandma and grandpa, but that doesn't matter, I still call them Grandma and Grandpa!  On the 4th of July, we had the honor of celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary with them!  Sixty Years, well Praise the Lord!  That's a long, long time!
 The party was at Ann's house and as usual she did it up "real nice, real real nice" (insert southern twangy accent please).  The decor was stunning and dripping in diamonds and shimmer!  She has a knack!  A very big giant sized knack!
 Even with the giant tent, it was HOT!  Cija was melting, but we all know how Cija feels about the heat so we will move on.

 Andy was mannin' the BBQ, complete with rainbow umbrella and cowboy hat (and yes, Ann had a disparaging comment about the hat!! So of course, that meant I needed to document it forever and ever!)

It really was a lovely celebration of a commitment that has stood the test of time.  I asked Grandma 3 separate times what her secret for a long marriage was.  The 1st two times, bystanders answered for her... but I was finally able to corner her and get her own answer "I just told him like it is, and if he didn't like what I had to say that was his problem not mine."  I love it!


Ann said...

TEARS!! These pix made me cry with joy. Thank you so much for capturing this sooo special occasion for my grandparents and my family. I love you, you are the best!! Ann

granny cindy said...

these are all so beautiful - thank you so much for taking these, you have such a God given talent!! I cannot wait to see the rest of them
bless you
Granny Cindy