Friday, July 8, 2011

Hmmm... Metrowest - Dave and his Angels!

 HA!  Get it?  Angels???  Those lovely ladies are sportin' their hand pistols in the background!  I love it!!
So this shoot was a little out of the "normal" for me, Dave was in need of a photo for an ad that is going to run in the 5280 magazine. 
Dave is great at what he does, but he has a support team that helps make it happen!
So it was a group endeavor. 

 So the country girl from Castle Rock, heads to the big city (downtown denver) and doesn't bring her purse and doesn't realize it until she is at I-25 and Evans.  No time to turn back.  So I call my parent who live near by, not home, cell phone, no answer.  Next I stop at my old employer, AKI, surely someone there will loan me a few bucks for parking... nope, no one is there.  I was tempted to ask the big burly tow truck driver but he scared me.  So I called my sister, she works downtown, no answer, texted my niece... she had some change she could offer.  With 16 minutes to get there my knight in shining armor showed up with his Visa card... Oh Rodney, you really are my hero!!

 Fortunately, we bumped our 2:30 shoot up to 12:30, because just as we finished up the rain started falling, at one point on the way home I thought I would going to need an amphibious car!!  Sheesh! That's a lot of rain!!  My nerves were shot by they time I got back to Castle Rock, but it was nothing a nice Mocha Frappichino couldn't take care of.

Now it is time to get dinner going, make my snack for Bunco, get cleaned up and head out the door for a night of fun with my gal pals!!!
Until next time. Cija
***Oh I forgot to mention, that's Charlie's daddy!!!  Oh Charlie...

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