Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Newborn Photographer in Parker, CO

 I'm back!  We made it back from our weekend in Steamboat.  We had such a GREAT time!  Tons of fun with friends.  I did however learn a  few valuable lessons. 
 - When going on a hike, do not wear flip flops.
 - When going on a hike, bring water. 
(Rod did fill up his McDonald's cup with water, that's something right?)
 - When going on a hike make sure you consider the "source" when rating it's difficulty level.  For instance, when a guy who camped in a yurt for a week in the dead of winter says a hike is "easy"
 is it clearly NOT easy!!
True the hike on Saturday almost killed me, but all in all the weekend was wonderful!  Thanks to our fabulous friends Ann & Andy for hookin' us up with a free place to stay!!
 This little guy on the other hand... well, I have a feeling he will LOVE the outdoors and take many a hike with his mom and dad. 
 This is Isaac, and he is one week old.  And by far was the easiest newborn I have EVER worked with!  He was out!  Out OUT!  Never even stirred.  So stinkin' cute!  His parents had a couple of really cute "props"  I just loved the ski boots! and the hiking boots were fun too!

 We did the entire shoot on their back porch, the lighting was gee-or-gus!  And he was lovin' the warm weather and his cute little nakedness!

Well, it seems that midnight has found me again, so I am off to bed!  The rest of the week is packed with a newborn, a wedding and a family! So I'll be back soon!  Cija


Aimee said...

Ilove the boot pics too! So adorable..

Anonymous said...

CJ- these are amazing! Thank you much. Can't wait to see all of them! This made my day!