Thursday, July 28, 2011

Newborn Photography in Lonetree, Colorado

So, I must be quick this evening, I need to get packed up and ready for Mark and Pam's destination wedding in Estes Park.  But earlier today I was with a lovely family, Bill, Abby, William and baby Vivian.  I told Abby that my predictions are...
1 - Vivian will be a piano player, she had long slender fingers
2 - Vivian will be tall, her leg were equally as long
3 - That she has a future career in modelling!  She did a fabulous job!
I hope you enjoy this sneak peek!! I was hoping I could get it done before I had to head out of town!
Until next time! Cija
(you can double click on any image to see if in a larger size)

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Anonymous said...

I love love love them!!! Thank you!!!