Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baby Photographer in Parker, CO

 Okay, fave of the day right at the start!!  I love this first picture!  Isn't this little guy the cutest?
 His name is Grayson, or Greyson or Graison (I should have asked, my nephew is Graison but I don't think that is very popular so I am guessing Grayson). 
 So this morning we headed out for some 6 month pictures (Grayson brought his mom and auntie, poor thing she was freezing!!  Rumor is... she's from Texas!)
 Don't ya just love his pretty baby blues?!?!? Oh and that sweet smile just makes me melt!

Unfortunately, I came home to some very grumpy girls.  I think all the rain has caused a bad case of cabin fever.  So with this post we will have a reader poll... leave a comment with some inexpensive entertainment ideas when the weather has you trapped inside!! 

Well, I am off to whip up some lunch and gear up for my shoot with Keeley... if we don't get rain out that is!
TTFN! Cija
(remember you can double click on any image to see if in a larger format)
(oh... and by the way, yesterday I had another boudoir shoot!!  Can't post any head shots this time, to many connections for this lovely lady and she wants to keep it for an anniversary surprise!! 

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