Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In the words of my favorite Critter - "I was so mad!"

Did you try to contact me through the website on the morning on Wednesday, July 20th?? 

 Specifically about "Before and After Wishes"??? 

 If so, I hope you happen to see this!  I read your email this morning on my way out the door, I sat down this afternoon to contact you and the email was gone... Vanished into thin air! 
I checked the "trash" folder - nope, not there.
I checked the inbox a half a gazillion times - definitely not there.
So then I went through each customer file, just in case I filed it by accident - 4 million hours later...
So I am left to hope that you happen across this blog post, ah, and you wrote me such a nice note too!!
Makes me just sick to think you might think I blew you off... I would hate that!!

I have one more trick up my sleeve, I am hoping my techie husband will be able to wave his magic wand over my computer and wallah!! It will magically reappear!
Here's hoping either this blog will reach you or my husband will once again prove to be my...

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Sara S. said...

Haha! It was me! Thank you for reaching out to me on your blog. My name is Sara Smith, and my email address is

Can't wait to discuss this package with you.