Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Wedding at Home

 I hope everyone had a great 4th.  We had a lot of fun.  Sunday we had our friends, the Henderson's over for a BBQ, games (some wild rounds of team nertz and spoons) and fireworks and on Sunday the 10 of us (the Cooksey's and our roomie's the Bendure's) headed up north for a 60th Wedding Anniversary party at Ann & Andy's (pictures to come in a day or so).  Then on a way back home last night we capped the holiday evening off with Littleman Icecream (YUM!).
 But on Saturday I had the honor of shooting Jeff and C.J's wedding (now the really pathetic part was... you would think I would have no problem remembering the bride's name because it the same as mine, but NO!!!  I kept calling her Stacey! Oiy!!!
 I loved the tattoo of C.J.'s I just had to get a picture.  And the one below is one of my absolute favorites.  Her grandmas weren't able to be there but she had a necklace that belong to each of them to wear on her very special day.

 Jeff and C.J. got married at their home, it was a very special event at home with just family. 

 Jeff and C.J. love everything scuba diving, so the cake and reception celebrated their love for the sea!!

Well, I am off.  I have 2 girls that about to be kidnapped by the Nana and Papa, so I must make sure they are dressed and ready to go. 


CJ said...

You did a wonderful job capturing our wedding. The pictures are beautiful and because of you and your eye for detail, we will always have something unique to look back on. Thank you very much! Jeff & CJ :)

3 Wishes Photography said...

Thank you CJ!!! I so happy you like you pictures!

JC (The other CJ) said...

Holy cow, these wedding pictures are AWESOME! The photographer did an outstanding job capturing the special moments. Of course, you look absolutely beautiful, CJ!!! Congratulations!!