Saturday, May 12, 2012

Boudoir Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

NOTE: While I offer full service Boudoir photography I do not post any of my "more delicate" work in this public forum, to see a private boudoir gallery please contact me at 

I hate to jump on the "complain about the weather" bandwagon but... I had a shoot last night and a shoot tonight that I had to reschedule and I was itching to get out there with my camera!  But it wasn't all that bad...  last night we decided to have a spur of the moment, week late celebration of Cinco De Mayo!!  I will celebrate any holiday that includes the yumminess of Mexican Food!!  In fact... so far the weekend has been simply perfect!  It started with a girlfriend coming for lunch and staying the whole live long day!  LOVE THAT!  Then a group of friends for dinner and games... LOVE THAT TOO!! and today was just a low key day with Rod and the girls, in fact,  Rod, Melia and Ryanne just headed out to Redbox to score us a little evening entertainment to go with the left over burritos!!
But... if we rewind to Thursday, it brings us to this very lovely lady.  Following Bible Study, my Boudoir Buddy, Tina and I were scheduled to do a Boudoir shoot with our sweet friend, Coreena.  As with all my clients she was nervous and had a list of why today was not the best day... but we managed to push through the objections and make it to her shoot.  We had SOOO much fun!  The shoot went so well and she such a natural!!  In the end, she did things she never thought she would but this was her reaction after she saw her sneak peek 
"Oh Cija!!... I'm speechless.  I had to show my girlfriend (I can't believe I wanted to show her). 
If you are married and love you husband, then you HAVE TO do this!!!  He will love it and you will be amazed at what the Lord will do for you!  
Until next time!!!  Cija
(Out of respect for these beautiful ladies, my boudoir images are kept private, if you are interested in scheduling a boudoir session, please contact me to see a private gallery of my work.  Thanks!)

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