Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

 Ah... Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there!  I hope you have had a wonderfully special day!  Mine began early with 3 little girls standing by the side of my bed with breakfast in bed, scrambled eggs, yogurt with strawberries and sliced banana.  (Best kid made breakfast to date!)
 Then if was gift time, they have been itchin' all weekend to share their handmade treasures!!
 The twins made this awesome heart with their hands... LOVE IT!
 And Melia made a silhouette of herself (love the box too!!)
 Rod tried to take a picture of us but I almost threw the alarm clock at him, what was he thinking!!!  I was still in bed!!!!  So this was our happy compromise!  I think it's PERFECT!
 But with breakfast in bed comes the mess in the kitchen...  I was a little worried to lift that frying pan, but PHEW!!! my countertop was not melted!!  
 Ya know, perhaps my expectations are unrealistic but I really thought at age  7 you would know to put the banana peel in the trash can!!!  Oh well...  I guess we will just keep working on it. 
All in all the day has been very nice.  Just one little hiccup.  Rod ordered cupcakes from Nomelie's for my gift... He told them that we would be there around 1:00.  We went to pick them up after church, got there about 1:20 and they had sold them to someone else!  (they said they tried to call Rod to see if he was still coming but we were in church with the ringer off!!) RUDE!  Shame on you Nomelie's. 
Until next time!!  Cija

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Happy Mother's Day Cija!!!