Friday, May 18, 2012

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Last night I got to be with Val and her whole family!!
Let's see there was Mike, Kelsey, Val, Kobe, Linda, Bob, Westin, Pam, Stockton and Squeak...
 Unfortunately, I got Bob's name right the first time and then the rest of the night he was "Don". 
 I try... I really try!

 I had a little crush on Stockon,  
I mean what girl doesn't like a cowboy? 

I had another stellar moment... when Val first arrived I said "So, you must be Val's sister."  Can I just say in my defense that her hair is twice as long as it was the last time I saw her!! Oiy...
Well, I have to wrap it up, I have a date with Clark tonight.  Tonight's the big 1 year old shoot!!
Have a great weekend!

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